K Street Boys Lead Singer Launching Solo Career?

VEN (LOS ANGELES) —  On the heels of their smash single As Long As You Pay Me, Washington’s red hot K Street Boys announced Thursday that bad boy lead singer Songbird JM  — apparently suffering from exhaustion — will be leaving the band effective immediately  to devote more time to his family.

However,  industry insiders tell VEN that Songbird just inked a 55 million dollar deal with RINO Records for three solo albums.

“Songbird been actin’ crazy ever since he got those rave reviews on the 2015 Givin My Vote To You album,” an anonymous hip-hop A&R executive told VEN‘s Music Critic  Herbert Khaury at the American Music Awards in November.

“Then,  after he won that KISS makeup copyright infringement lawsuithe’s been srewin’ all his friends again.  For no reason.  Worse than before!”

Although the K Street Boys have yet to announce a replacement for Songbird, many in the industry believe that the boy band may take a #MeToo turn, with Susan Collins (Cayman Island Girl)  and Lisa Murkowski (Payday!) leading the pack.

Developing . . . .