BREAKING — President Trump Misappropriating Black Fast Food Culture

VEN (LOS ANGELES) —  A defiant Maxine Waters (D-CA) told reporters Sunday that racist, white-supremacist President Trump was disenfranchising People of Color (POC) by eating at McDonald’s and KFC, the fast-food mainstays — the Congresswoman and Trump nemesis contends —  of America’s Black Community.

“He is mocking us!  He is mocking People of Color !  What white man eats not one but TWO Filet-O-Fish sandwiches?  I will concede the two Big Macs.  That’s normal white people food.

“But TWO Filet-O-FishAnd a milkshake?  Who’d he steal that from? I’ll tell you who he stole that from — Reverend Sharpton and Sheila Jackson-Lee, that’s who!”

Ms Waters was reacting to excerpts from the soon-to-be-released Corey Lewandowski book Let Trump Be Trump, which among other details of life with Mr Trump on the campaign trail, lists  the President’s  preferred cuisine, which consists almost entirely of McDonalds, KFC,  Oreos, and Diet Coke.

“Now no self-respecting black person will be caught dead eating at Micky D’s or KFC.  Where he gonna eat next — Popeye’s? Cracker Barrel?  A Crispy Chicken Wrap at Burger King?  Four Little Bacon Burgers at Five Guys?

“And don’t even get me started on the Oreos!

“One of my constituents sent me a letter.  I have it right here — Dear Ms Waters — Can you get the President to stop eating the black man’s food?  I’m afraid he’s gonna start eating Papa John’s next, and if that happens the only thing left for us will be Arby’s.  Please help! We’re counting on you, Ms Waters!  You’re our only hope!

“The man is unstable.  He colluded with Russia.  He stole the election from Hillary! And now he’s stealing the black man’s food!  Just yesterday, one of my colleagues saw him drinking Red Bull and reading JET magazine!  Can you believe that?!

“The man is a menace to America,  a menace to North Korea, to World Peace, and to fast food.  He needs to be impeached for high crimes and taken out, locked up, put in that prison he wanted to send Hillary to.

“Impeach that crazy man.  NOW!”