EXCLUSIVE — Roy Moore’s Former Sex Slave “He Made Me Read The Bible!

VEN (LOS ANGELES) —  In yet another shocking revelation, a former sex slave of Judge Roy Moore — who wishes to remain anonymous until she can obtain proper legal representation — told VEN‘s Senior Political Correspondent Richard Pigott Tuesday that she was kept chained in the attic of Moore’s Gadsden home and — despite being an orthodox  Sephardic Jew from nearby Rainbow City — forced to read the New Testament and dress like Shirley Temple!

adult as temple“He made me watch Captain January over and over and over again!  I can’t believe that his wife and children didn’t know I was there!

“Finally, after 25 years, he let me go.  He must have drugged me,  because when I woke up I was on a park bench in West Hollywood,  covered in tattoos and addicted to crystal meth and crack cocaine.

“The whole thing was like a really REALLY bad dream!

“When the police picked me up, there was 25.00 in my purse — one dollar for every year I was his sex slave  — wrapped in a note that read:adult-temple

To a sweeter more beautiful  Helen “Star” Mason I could not say Merry Christmas.   Christmas 2002.   Please excuse my hesitency in not telling you this sooner.   Love, Roy Moore, D.A. 12-22-77  12-22-02 Olde Hickory House Hotel, Room 248.   P.S.  Hope to see you at the next Codfish Ball!

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