Cam Newton The Next Notorious B.I.G. Baby?

VEN (Charlotte) — Former Celtic power forward Glen Davis says, “You ownin it, Dawg,”  referring to his Big Baby nickname, as a childishly sullen Cam Newton, quarterback for the struggling Carolina Panthers, put on another embarrassing, emotionally arrested display at his latest press conference after losing to the Chicago Bears 17-3 Sunday.

This is the same Cam Newton who was expelled from The University Of Florida after stealing another student’s 1700.00 laptop, writing his name on it, then lying to police and throwing it out his dorm window to avoid arrest.

One anonymous former NFL official told VEN Wednesday that the 28-year-old Newton needs to “grow up and start acting like a man.”

“If Cam want to dress like Kelly Ripa or a down-low mac daddy pimp and keep dabbin’ in the endzone, then he need to stop acting like a little b!tch when things don’t go his way.”

Developing . . . .