Sex With Little Boys Other Priests Still Not OK, Shrink Tells Future Holy Father

VEN (ROME) —  The Red Pope reveals in his new sacred and shockingly profane tell-all autobiography that many years ago — before he was the Pope — he consulted a psychiatrist to “clarify a few things.”

nunAlthough the Vatican vigorously denies rumors that the Pope — then the 40-year-old head of the Jesuit Order in Argentina in the throes of a “mild” mid-life crisis — had an affair with the attractive female transgendered psychoanalyst he consulted — who’s avant-garde techniques included dressing as a stern, disapproving nun —  anonymous sources tell VEN that during the six months the Pope was in analysis, he came to understand:

  • It is not OK to abet a dictatorship or inform on congregants no matter how much money is involved up to a point.
  • The Jews killed Jesus twice — once on the cross and a second time at Christmas when they insist on everyone saying “Happy Holidays.”
  • You cannot get AIDS from a Ciborium.
  • Girls can wear patent leather shoes, but only with slacks.
  • If you bite the consecrated  Host you are not irrevocably doomed to an eternity in Hell, but your time in Purgatory will be exponentially increased and your mother may get a life-threatening illness.
  • Not all left-handed people are evil.
  • Unlike a pedophile priest who repents, a divorced Catholic who remarries is living in a perpetual state of sin.

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