BREAKINGCNN Outs Clark Kent As Superman!

VEN (Metropolis) — After threatening to dox the  Reddit user who created the  Trump versus CNN wrestling meme tweeted out by President Trump unless he apologized and swore never to criticise CNN again, the Fake News Network went after long-time Trump supporter, syndicated columnist Clark Kent.CNN-threatening

“They told me I had a choice — start criticising Trump, stop pointing out CNN’s fake, biased so-called news coverage or they’d publish incontrovertible proof that I am in fact Superman.

“In other words, they’d make it more difficult for Superman to fight crime.  I told them they could go f*** themselves.  Imagine going out of your way to piss off a guy you think is Superman.  That’s like pissing off all the guys on reddit or 4chan. They’re in their death throes.”

Anonymous sources confirmed to VEN that CNN’s Jeff Zucker personally hired spurned Superman lover Lois Lane to head up the Clark Kent investigation.CNN-blackmail

Additionally, VEN has learned that Andrew Kaczynski, the CNN reporter who led the investigation that culminated in the blackmailing of the Reddit user, is working with the Joker to expose financier Bruce Wayne — a longtime friend of the President — as Batman.

Developing . . . .


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