Yes We Can! Obamas Buy Fixer-Upper In Detroit!

obama-2VEN (DETROIT) — Accused of criticizing American patriotism from Indonesia on the Fourth Of July weekend, former President Obama announced today that he and his family will be moving into their new home in the Brightmoor district of Detroit at the end of the summer, once it is certified as habitable.

“I want to give something back,” the Mr Obama told reporters.  “I want the girls to work along side Michelle and me and our good friends from Habitat For Humanity who are going to help us make this neglected house a beautiful habitat for humanityhome once again!

“And yes, we intend to make this our primary residence, as we help other less fortunate families in Detroit get back on their feet and make these forgotten neighborhoods thriving communities once again!

“And yes, the rumors are true — I’m donating 75% of my personal wealth to a variety of charities across America.   Michelle and I are working on the final list right now.  I already have plenty of money. And if there’s one thing I learned parasailing on Richard Branson’s private island, it’s not about making money, it’s about helping others less fortunate get a leg up!

“If not now, when? If not us, who?”