CNN’s Lovelorn Acosta DMs Sean Spicer 1000 Times/Day!

VEN (WASHINGTON) —  Thus much and more,  and yet thou lov’st me not. And never wilt!

sheparad smithAfter a torrid on and off  love affair with FOX NEWS Shepard Smith that ended in a very public, very ugly scene at COBALT, James Acosta has become transfixed by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, anonymous sources tell VEN.

“It’s really affecting his work.  His stories are late, incomplete,  and require endless rewrites before they can air.

“His behavior, my God, he acts like a spurned teenage girl during press conferences. Sean started ignoring him recently out of desperation I guess, and it’s driving Jim nuts! He writes “Mrs Sean Spicer” and “James Acosta-Spicer” hundreds and hundreds of times a day over and over again on his memos app.   And if he’s not doing that, he’s in the Men’s Room crying. sean-spicer

“And he’s getting so angry!  Last week, after Spicer shut him down in front of everyone at a gaggle, Jim somehow managed to get Spicer’s private cell number from Dina Powell,  and now he calls him all day long, even during press conferences. I mean hundreds of times a day!  If Spicer answers, Jim hangs up.  It’s just nuts!”

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