Fire Ant Class Action Suit Has Painful Sting

VEN (DALLAS) — Texas entrepreneurs have been creating fire ant art for years by fire-antpouring molten aluminum into (allegedly) abandoned fire ant colonies, allowing the aluminum to cool, and then digging out the structure and washing it off to reveal a perfect cast of the colony.

The unique castings once cleaned and mounted sell for several hundreds of dollars.

But not so fast says ACLU attorney Chad Pantzman.

Mr Pantzman — in conjunction with PETA and the ASPCA —  has filed a class-action law suit on behalf of the American fire ant claiming depraved indifference, willful destruction of property, animal cruelty, and illegal use and transport of molten aluminum by non-licensed personnel in commission of a crime.

“The native fire ant is not a pest.  The Solenopsis invicta from South America or RIFA is the bad guy.  But these “artists” don’t make that distinction.  I am speaking up for the forgotten American fire ant when no one else will!”

Mr Pantzman is seeking damages of $25,000,000.00, the seizure and destruction of what he alledges are illegal castings,  and complete restitution of the destroyed colonies.

Developing ….