Avon Lady Missing, Presumed Dead!

VEN (HOLLYWOOD) — In the wake of Kathy Griffin’s President Trump beheading flap, the humor-challenged former comedienne’s troubles may just be beginning.

Anonymous sources tell VEN, that the day after Griffin’s ugly attack on the President, her Avon Consultant disappeared and has not been seen since.who_s your avon lady name badge

“Kathy was furious with her, and blamed her for the fallout,” a Hollywood insider told VEN.  “She kept screaming at her I’m not funny anymore BECAUSE YOU F^^^ED UP.  AGAIN!   TRUMP’S not a GODDAMNED WINTER, HE’s A F^^^NG AUTUMN!!”

Monday, LAPD found the Avon Lady’s pink Mercedes abandoned on the Pacific Coast Highway near Carmel, with her cell phone and purse still inside the car, but there was no sign of the Avon Lady herself.

053017-kathy-griffin-apology-kal-1080x608As for Ms Griffin, unable to do her own makeup and unable to find anyone willing to do her makeup for her, she has been forced to severely limit her public appearances, which as one anonymous LAPD source told VEN, makes her a person of interest in the case.

“She pretends to behead the President, there’s a huge hew and cry,  she suffers a major career setback, blames her Avon Lady, and then suddenly she’s out and about with no makeup on her Avon Lady has disappeared.

“You don’t have to be Columbo to connect those dots . . . .”

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