EXCLUSIVE! “He Broke My Heart!” McCain Forces Graham Into Rough Trade Three-way At Knife Point!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — “He was more than a dear friend, he was my, my . . . he was my soulmate!” a distraught Lindsey Graham told a Senate aide recently.

lindsey grahammccainliebermanThe aide — who recorded a series of conversations with Senator Graham on her iPhone — agreed to be interviewed by VEN Senior Washington correspondent Jonathon Wadd in a private function room at the Mayflower Hotel, Sunday, on condition that VEN protect her anonymity.

(Editor’s NOTE — VEN was unable to confirm the identity of the voice on the iPhone as Senator Graham’s.)

“He was so sad when he told me what Mr McCain had done.  It was terrible!  I probably shouldn’t have recorded him.  But I didn’t know what to do!  I didn’t want to end up like Chandra Levy!  He looked at me, eyes swollen, his maschera running, and told me:”

[ The aide plays the recording. ]

I feel used, broken.  I’m just sort of wandering now like a lonely, little cloud.  He was my friend, you know, my good friend, for years.  And then for no reason whatsoever, he just . . . humiliated me!

3FA013C500000578-4447884-The_Dwight_D_Eisenhower_Executive_Office_Building_has_am_auditor-a-16_1493287432831The Senate aide told VEN that Mr Graham was referring to an alleged drug and alcohol-fueled late-night assignation in the Executive Office Building Men’s Room with longtime companion John McCain and another man whom Senator Graham was unable to identify.

I was blindfolded.  So I never saw who it was.  But he kept yelling at me in Urdu or Farsi.  John called him “Sweet Boy”  and “Chumer.”  We all did ketamine.  Then the other man, the man John called “Sweet Boy,” broke out the poppers. 

[ The aide asks Senator Graham to explain what happened next. ]john-mccain-lord-of-the-tarp

When I said I was unhappy with the arrangement, John took out his knife, held it against my throat, and told me ‘You’ll do this for me, Nancy, or you can forget about those tickets to the Ice Capades!’

I was scared, but what could I do?  I had no idea what a Golden Gate was, but even then at knife-point I trusted John.  My God! I feel like such a fool . . . !

[ The aide asks what a Golden Gate is. ]

If you know anything about civil engineering andbridge-suspension suspension bridges, then think of me as the deck  of the bridge and John and the man he called Sweet Boy as the cables connecting to the suspension towers.

The bathroom floor was cold and hard, I’m not all that limber at my age.

It really hurt.  I’m so ashamed!  

You know, I did everything John asked, and then that lying twink son-of-a-bitch broke his word and went to the Ice Capades without me!

ice capdes