“New” Tom Clancy Novel Found, Widow To Publish!

VEN (Baltimore) — According to anonymous sources, novelist Tom Clancy was working on a new contemporary thriller when he died in 2013, which — after a few months of minor rework and copy edits by A.E. Hotchner — will be published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons in early July.

Tentatively entitled The Beast,  the novel once again features Clancy’s fictive avatar Jack Ryan and a plot with so many twists and turns it will make your head spin!


Now a novelist, the newly-retired Ryan —  through a series of bizarre circumstances — becomes involved  in the investigation of the murder/coverup of DNC operative Abel Poor — codename Tai Shan — who released 35 thousand DNC emails to Wikileaks with the help of a mysterious international technocrat genius living somewhere in the South Pacific, who was himself victimized and his multi-million dollar empire destroyed by dark hat US government forces.

Poor releases the emails after finding evidence that the DNC and their preferred candidate for president, Jennifer Mena, have rigged the Democratic primaries to defeat her opponent, Moses Marks, the candidate Poor supports.woman-executive-showing-double-thumbs-up-25099266

The DNC have Poor killed in retribution, and then use their extensive influence to block any investigation into his murder.

Mrs Mena goes on to win the primary, but loses a heavily contested Presidential election to her Republican challenger, casino mogul Nick Krupp.

With Mrs Mena’s defeat, the DNC is now vulnerable to criminal charges if the truth about Abel Poor’s murder comes to light.

To cover their tracks, the conspirators create a bizarre cover story about the Russians hacking the DNC email servers and then leaking emails to Wikileaks.  They also create a phony  Krupp Russian “dossier” to bolster their absurd claims that  Nick Krupp and his aides had been collaborating with Vladimir Putin and Russia during the election.

CongressCongressional investigations into Krupp’s Russian ties begin, reporters looking into Poor’s murder are intimidated and forced to desist, the Poor family is “handled” by a DNC spokesperson.  False news stories disparaging claims of a murder/coverup begin appearing in the press, and anyone who raises questions about Poor’s death is mocked as a conspiracy theorist.

Kim Jong-un+North Korea+Supreme Leader+Jang Song-thaek+uncle+disgust+killed+Chronic Disgust+Nonverbal Communication Expert+Body Language Expert+Speaker+Keynote+Consultant+Illinois+Las VeAs if this is not enough, anti-Krupp demonstrators take to the streets, Islamic terror attacks spike throughout America and Western Europe,  the North Koreans threaten riot-portland.jpgAmerica and its allies with nuclear war, Krupp’s executive orders are blocked by liberal activist federal judges, and Krupp himself is accused of potentially impeachable offenses only four months into his new administration.

It is at this point in the novel  that Poor’s parents approach Mr Ryan at a book signing in Georgetown, and plead with him to look into their son’s death.

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