I’ve Always Depended On The Kindness Of Islam

VEN Entertainment (New York) — The controversial, LGBTQ atonal musical comedy Fort Apache, 2017 — opening this weekend in New York — red-headfeatures a riotous early scene in which the bumbling commanding officer Colonel Eugene Asa Carr (played by Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson) explains to an angry Social Justice Warrior  League led by Rosie O’Donnell that letting the  White Mountain Apache warriors into the fort undermines the whole idea of having a fort in the first place, since the White Mountain Apache warriors are the enemy and want to kill everyone.


To the surprise of no one, the exasperated Colonel eventually relents, and the rest of the musical celebrates the Apaches raping, pillaging, and murdering to their heart’s content, while the rank and file soldiers — led by Sargent Macron —  apologize to the Apaches for having antagonized them in the first place.

“We were guilty of exercising White Privilege,” Macron tells the Indians, before being  gang raped, skinned alive, emasculated, and — as the first act draws to a close — graphically disemboweled at center stage to the brisk, sardonic, post-modern stylings of  Philip Glass.

An absolute must see!