SCR Must Die!

VEN (NEW YORK) — A bizarre confession, purportedly written by  registered sex offender Anthony Weiner, was discovered on the counter of the Midtown Starbucks Sunday.

According to anonymous sources, the unsigned note was handwritten on perfumed Connor stationary by someone claiming to be the disgraced former congressman, who on Friday entered a guilty plea on federal obscenity charges and is facing  21-27 months in prison for his crime.

Mr Weiner’s wife and longtime Hillary Clinton catamite, Huma Abedin, filed for divorce after the Friday hearing.

The Starbucks note read in part:

May 18 9:45 AM — 16


Please pay to the order
My determination to eliminate SCR is becoming more the more of and unshakeable obsession!
SCR must die.  SCR must be killed.
I, Anthony Weiner, must kill Seth Connor he discovered that I sent the DNC emails to Wikileaks.  I also helped Russia hack HRC’s server and want Donald Trump become too become president by introducing General Flynn to seven  several Russians.
Seth Conrad Rich must be assassinated!
Pay to the order of of of of of
Please pay to the order of


In recent days, friends of Mr Weiner expressed concerns about the former Congressman taking his own life, since  — as one anonymous source told VEN Monday — “He lost his career, his pretend wife, his ability to use Twitter aliases to sext and send pictures of his junk to teenage girls, and now he’s looking at 2 years in prison. Like Podesta said over cocktails the other night, I really hope Anthony doesn’t do anything rash.”

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