Kenneth, Seriously. What’s The F***ing Frequency?

VEN (NEW YORK) — After ignoring warnings about the brown acid circulating at GQ, the Max Headroom of contemporary broadcasting, Keith Olbermann, locked himself into the Gender Neutral Restroom on The Closer set Thursday, and — dressed like Martin Scorsese — made a bizarre, some say not acid but ibogaine-fueled video, calling for foreign powers to overthrow the United States government.maxhead

“We were just f^^^ing with him,” a GQ intern told VEN. “I mean, he was always telling stories about tripping out with Sonny Barker and doing nitrous and banging Janis Joplin in The Haight during the Summer of Love and how he used to have three-ways with Martha Stewart and her daughter on the set of Martha Bakes, so we figured what the f*** he should be able to handle a little medicinal marijuana and half a Lemmon that we got from Sarah Silverman a few months ago.

“But the guy just f^^^ing freaked!  One hit, and he started coming on to Jason.  Then he transgender-bathroom-2-e1423877138264told me we had to make an anal baby because Trump was going to blow up the world.  It was so f***ed up!

“Before we knew what was going on he started screaming again about the world coming to an end, grabbed my laptop, and tried to pull Jason into the Gender Neutral Restroom with him, before he gave up, locked the door, and started making that crazy video!”

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