Shake Your Money Maker, Shake Your Money Maker!

VEN (LOS ANGELES) Criminal, ethically challenged, James Brown coiffed Congresswoman Maxine Watters shocked the liberal panel on MSNBC Friday, claiming that she has never been in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, three days after repeatedly calling for Mr Trump’s impeachment at a tax rally in Washington (“Impeach 45”), just as she has been doing at other rallies, on news programs,  and on Twitter for months.

But suddenly Ms Watters doesn’t know nothin’ about birthin’ babies or impeaching President Trump.

From the MSNBC interview on April 21, “Well I have not – I have not called for impeachment.”

VEN has learned that several political correspondents who have been covering Ms Watters, are begging their editors to reassign them,  woman with headachecontending that they are suffering from what one anonymous source called “Advanced Stupid Syndrome,” or ASS, a condition that leaves them with blinding headaches, confusion,  memory loss, and in some cases has lowered IQs by over 25 points.

“I was a Rhodes Scholar and wrote a best seller on the Suez Crisis,” one MSM senior political correspondent told VEN, “but all I do now is read comic books.  But read is actually a stretch, because I really only look at the pictures.

“I thought covering Sheila Jackson-Lee and Elizabeth Warren was bad, but this is much worse; it’s wrecking my life!  I’ve become a total moron!  I started listening to Robin Thicke and Kenny G.  I bought not one but two best-of Carrot Top DVDs!man with headache

“Last week, after I started laughing out loud at Joanie Loves Chachi reruns, my wife had enough and filed for divorce! And I don’t blame her.  I blame that complete idiot Maxine Watters!

“You have no f***ing  idea what it’s like!  It’s just torture being around her!  “