You Like Apples?

Unfunny Senator John McCain Doing His Charlie Chaplin Impression On CNN

VEN (CAMBRIDGE) — Disgraced Keating Five neo-con, crackpot,  loyalty-challenged RINO octogenarian Senator John McCain, told VEN Senior Political Correspondent Dirk Diggler Monday, that he determined the number of  the non-isomorphic homeomorphically irreducible trees on 10 vertices  a full five minutes before Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting.goodwillhunting

“I like Matt,  but on the isomorphic homeomorphically irreducible trees question, he only identified 8.  There are actually 10.

“For years Lindsey and I would write similar puzzlers on the wall of the Senate Men’s Room as a kind of good-natured challenge (we would typically bet time alone with each other’s pages and what not — he had mostly girls, I had mostly guys) so all that advanced math stuff is pretty much second nature to me.”