Trush Now, Don’t Explain

VEN (CLEVELAND) —   After only 84 days in office is President Trump being forced to take arms against a sea of troubles with his loyal MAGA base?  VEN senior  political correspondent  Dirk Diggler went to Ohio recently looking for some answers.

You may be surprised at what he found.

“Suddenly NATOs OK, China’s not a currency manipulator,  Yellen stays, no Fed audit,  Bannon’s on a sh!t list,  we’re the world’s policeman again, no Obamacare repeal, tax reform is stalled, no budget for The Wall, DACAs suddenly not a bad thing,  and know-nothing 35-year-old Democrat son-in-law Jared Kushner is the President’s top advisor?trump the scream

“Jesus, I feel like we’re  getting Jeb-rolled,” so says Tom Weldorff,  an ardent Ohio Trump supporter who sees the MAGA vision drowning in the very swamp candidate Trump vowed to drain yet now seems to be embracing.

“Sure we’re seeing regulations being eliminated, we’re finally beginning to enforce our immigration laws,  jobs are coming back, and Mr Trump has removed most of the restrictions on coal and OKed the Keystone Pipeline.  Those are all very important things.

“But firing missiles into Syria?  Considering the possibility of ground troops there?  Surrounding himself with Progressives and Neo-Cons?  Talking about the problems with a strong dollar?  Worsening rather than strengthening our relationship with Russia?

“I’m not off the Trump Train by any means, but I sure hope he’s really playing 4D Chess and not being played by his so-called advisors.”

Cleveland librarian Tammy Swanson,  now separated from her husband owing in large part she says to her support for Mr Trump, echoed that sentiment. “If I were Red China, I’d tell North Korea to cause the US a whole lot of trouble so I could offer to fix everything in return for keeping the status quo on trade and currency manipulation.

“If I can see that, then President Trump certainly can, too!

“After that brutal primary with 16 governors and senators, the GOPe, the Democrats, the MSM, most everyone in the world it seems against him,  and then beating the unbeatable Hillary Clinton Machine, well, he didn’t do all that and then suddenly become stupid.

“I just wish Mr Trump would send his son-in-law and Paul Ryan on a fact-finding mission to the South Pole, maybe have them drive some sort of penguin diplomacy with Brook’s Brothers, while the President works on realizing his MAGA vision.  That’s what he promised us!”