Update — Stewie Relationship Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back?

VEN (NEW YORK) —   Almost 10 years after settling a sensational sexual harassment lawsuit brought by his former producer, Andrea Mackris, prestigious conservative commentator and alleged backstage roué  Bill O’Reilly is now the target of a bizarre, unsubstantiated Internet rumor that has everyone — including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — shaking their heads.

According to unverifiable sources in Estonia, for over five years Mr O’Reilly has been engaged in a “troubling”  relationship with Family Guy‘s precocious toddler, Stewie Griffen (pictured here, allegedly watching The FACTOR in O’Reilly’s dressing room at FOX Studios in New York).

Stewie green room

O’Reilly could not be reached for comment, but an anonymous source self-identifying as a spokesperson for FOX News denied that there was any wrong doing, explaining that “Bill and Stewie are just good friends.”

However, images allegedly downloaded from O’Reilly’s personal laptop by the infamous Russian Internet hacker known only as P-Vlad and reprinted in Mexico’s notorious anti-American tabloid Gringos y Pendejos tell a different story:

stewie -bed-andleatherstewie-shaving-diaper

An unverifiable source self-identifying as a close friend of Mr O’Reilly dismissed the pictures and  allegations of wrongdoing as “complete nonsense.”

“If Bill were going to become involved with a cartoon character, it would be Holli Would or Jessica Rabbit, not a precocious, sexually ambiguous talking baby who sounds disturbingly like Rex Harrison!”

Mr O’Reilly has been the target of several Russian smear campaigns in the past, in retaliation — many in the news industry believe — for airing a Pinheads And Patriots segment in 2005, focusing on owner Robert Kraft’s claim that Russian President  Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl XXXIX ring in June of that year just because he could.

Mr O’Reilly concluded that Mr Putin was a Pinhead and should return the ring.

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