The Pump That Won’t Fall Down When You Do

VEN (NEW YORK) — Finally former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was all pretend smiles again Monday, modeling the new Katy Perry-designed “Hillary” shoe for former Clinton Foundation donors, as recompense for no longer being able to sell them illegal US government access.

hillary-clinton2 (1)
Mrs Clinton models the “Hillary” pump, rounding out her sporty kaftan and khakis “I’m A Little Teapot” ensemble  from Oleg Cassini’s Dr Evil Spring Collection

The shocking pink pump with clear gold-flecked Lucite heel, has just the right mix of butch and fem to make any pants-suited Lesbian feel like a transgendered king!

Not pictured is the “Sherpa”  —  a no-nonsense flat with catamite-padded mid-sole and simple but elegant catgut spaghetti  straps — designed as the ideal  “Hillary” companion shoe, for that certain special someone in a marriage of convenience who gets to walk six feet behind you,  struggling to carry your purse and hers, as well as lots and lots of bags from Prada, Lane Bryant,  and Louis Vuitton because her crotch-texting pretend husband may have wrecked your chance to become President.

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