French-Canadian Driver Reaches For Slim Jim, Christian God For No Reason Saves Him From Certain Death

VEN (BOSTON) — Boston College Theologian, Father James McCormick, contends that anyone looking for proof of God’s existence, need look no further than HIS treatment of French Canadians.

“If Darwin was correct, ” Father McCormick told VEN, “then the French Canadian would not have survived into the 20th century, let alone the 21st.  And yet, despite the mayhem that they cause to themselves and others, here they are!  As I tell my atheist friends, what other possible explanation could there be?”


Only in Maine: Lombardi Trophy, on its way north, involved in crash with deer

(FAIRFIELD, MAINE) — A car traveling with the Lombardi Trophy was involved in a crash with a deer.

Trooper Tyler Maloon helped the driver, his passenger and the precious cargo on the Maine Turnpike in Fairfield.

“As we’re driving, they begin talking about an event they’re going to at the Cross Insurance Center, stating ‘the trophy’ has to be there at such and such a time, and that they’ll have to head back after for opening day at Fenway for a presentation there,” Maloon wrote on the Maine State Police Facebook page. “Naturally, I ask what trophy. They then tell me that he works for the Patriots and that the Lombardi Trophy is in my cruiser! My mind was blown, seriously what are the odds! A story for the ages!”

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