Ozone Hole Closes, But Al Gore’s Pie Hole Remains Wide Open


VEN (Miss Kim’s Panya Star, KOREA TOWN)  —  During his complimentary pedicure Saturday, Al “The Original Cleveland Steamer” Gore  explained to VEN Science Editor Dirk Diggler, that our massive carbon footprint may in fact be evidence of what Mr Gore refers to as a sort of “Climatic Sasquatch,” as we enter a heretofore unknown cycle of either deadly global cooling or warming.  Or — in a worst case scenario — both.

“In reality, we’re all looking for the same thing,” Mr Gore explained. “A Happy Ending.”

Developing ….

(Breitbart) — In the period from 2000-2015, the hole in the ozone layer shrank by more than 4 million square kilometers—nearly a billion acres—according to a new report in the journal Science.

During the 1980s and into the 1990s, news of a massive hole in the ozone layer caused worldwide panic, stoked by everything from rumors of sheep being blinded by increased atmospheric radiation to the fear of a skin cancer pandemic and even comparisons to “AIDS from the sky.”

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