Donna Brazile To Replace Teddy Roosevelt On Three Dollar Bill?


KNN (WASHINGTON) — After expressing deep sorrow and regret for illegally providing Hillary Clinton with answers to the Presidential Debate and then lying about it, disgraced former CNN contributor Donna Brazile told The Hill Friday that she has been in conversations with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin about possibly replacing Teddy Roosevelt on the Three Dollar Bill.


“I was shocked, to tell you the truth, when I got the call.  There has been so much animosity, so much bitterness throughout this election and its aftermath.  But as I told Steven, as a proud Afro-American woman and a life-long believer in democracy and our electoral process, it would be an honor beyond my wildest dreams to have my picture on US currency!”

Brazile — who is one of three finalists under consideration by the Treasury  for the new face of the oldest denomination currently in circulation —  went on the explain that although she still has profound concerns about President Trump’s agenda — which led her to break the law for Mrs Clinton in the first place (she stressed that she would do it again, but be smarter about it next time) — Ms Brazile confessed that she will now have to rethink some of her “opposition” to Mr Trump.

“I’m filled with a lot of conflicting emotions right now.  We’ve come so far.  It would be a shame to stop now.”

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