After 58 Days, Toxic Trump White House More Unreal Than Real Housewives Of New Jersey!


KNN (WASHINGTON)KNN White House Correspondent Jean-Ralphio, describes a shockingly dysfunctional White House that looks more and more like an upscale insane asylum for the 1% with each passing day.

Bizarre turf wars, constant he-said/she-said backbiting, tearful emotional outbursts, and dramatic shocking betrayals have paralyzed an increasingly polarized administration, while a deranged President Trump — impervious to the disarray — pushes for the invasion of Greenland (Greenland!),  nuclear war with North Korea and Iran,  and wants to force welfare recipients to play golf at Trump-certified courses and break 100 to receive full benefits!

And it’s only getting worse.

Anonymous sources close to the President tell KNN that the President’s favorite daughter, Ivanka — unable to get her father committed — has reached out to Jim Carroll, the creator of Marriage Boot Camp,  to see if he can work his magic in what one insider described as “I, Claudius meets The Real Housewives Of New Jersey meets Zoolander.

Developing ….

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