Moe Howard Estate Sues Angela Merkel For Haircut Copyright Infringement

Very Ersatz News (BERLIN)  — A defiant German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, dismissed the Moe Howard Estate lawsuit as “Idiotic, ridiculous!”

“Anyone who knows me knows that I would never in a thousand years adopt the hairstyle of a Jew!”

UPDATE: After withering international criticism for her crude, offensive, anti-Semitic remark, Chancellor Merkel’s office released a brief statement late Monday, claiming that she had been misquoted.   “Mrs Merkel said she would never wear the hairstyle of a STOOGE, or Handlanger. The International, Jewish-controlled news media mistakenly translated that word as JEW.  The Chancellor apologizes if she inadvertently offended any of the peace-loving, refuge-seeking Islamic immigrants.