Hey Ducky, Let Me Stick The 7-inch In The Computer


KNN (SAN FRANCISCO) — So-called junk scientists around the world are outraged at Trump EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s dismissive comments Thursday about the effect human beings have — especially American human beings — on what is clearly a man-made catastrophic global warming disaster that all serious climate change experts agree threatens to turn our planet into another Mercury or  Neptune or worse in less than 10 billion years!

“Sun spots, solar cycles, ocean currents — I mean give me a f***ing break!” renown climatologist Dr Aldus Nemo told ZNN.  “This guy  Pruitt — another Trump hack — probably thinks it’s OK to club baby seals and eat gluten, too.

“Look, it’s a fact that the methane expelled by flatulent dinosaurs during the Cretacious Period caused a terrifying buildup of greenhouse gases that turned the planet into a boiling cauldron which culminated in the first major extinction event.

“And later the same thing happened during the   Pleistocene Period with woolly mammoths, only this time the methane buildup resulted in global cooling and rapid glaciation on a scale that is simply unimaginable today!  And these creatures didn’t have cars or factories or coal burning plants!  It’s right there in the goddamn geologic record for any idiot to see!  Did this man go to college?!!”

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