TESLA Unveils “Amazing” Concept Car That Pulls The Plug On Electrics!

elon musk-2VEN (PALO ALTO) — The Edison of TESLA, Elon Musk, unveiled his newest concept car, the I-Raptor Z, Friday, which he expects will replace electric cars in less that 10 years!

“Lithium battery technology and super capacitors have limits,” Mr Musk explained to reporters Friday.  “And what happens if there’s no recharging station and you’re 300 miles from home?  Or you hit something and the battery cracks or is otherwise compromised, quickly overheats, and then explodes?

intenal combustion engine
TESLA’s revolutionary SCEPPE® engine.

“But with our revolutionary sealed, controlled-explosive power pack engine (SCEPPE®) we can leverage the abundance of readily available petro-chemicals in our Advanced Self-Contained Fuel Cells (ASCFCs®)  — specifically what we call super-olines — and throw away the charger forever!

“As SCEPPE®-powered vehicles become more common (and we see this happening in less than five years), we envision a series of  self-serve refueling stations throughout the world — like salad bars, but for automobiles — where drivers can replenish their ASCFCs® themselves in a matter of minutes!

“This is the kind of game-changing  bleeding-edge TESLA next-gen technology that is going to get us safely to Mars and to grandma’s!  And then safely back again!”