9th Circuit Rules Wakanda A Real Place!

wakandaVEN (CALIFORNIA) — According to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the fictional black African Paradise Wakanda — depicted in Marvel comic books and in the much-anticipated soon-to-be-released cinematic adaptation, Black Panther — is in fact a real place, just like Atlantis, Lemuria, Bikini Bottom, and some parts of  Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

The 9th Circuit in a unanimous vote upheld the lower court ruling in January by Hawaii Federal Judge Derrick Watson.sharpton

Professional Race-baiter (PRB®) Al Sharpton declared the controversial decision a victory for black people everywhere, “cuz we all know Wakandans built dem pyramids before them Greek homos had ‘rithmatic and the white man stole all of our vibranium!”

Presidential hopeful and former Willie Brown mistress (FWBM®) Kamala Harris announced late k-harris-shcokedWednesday that she will introduce a bill next week — co-sponsored  by Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) and backed by the entire Congressional Black Caucus — setting aside 60 billion USD in the 2018 federal budget to assist Africans in reopening the vibranium mines, which have been closed for tens of thousands of years.

A defiant Ms Harris told reporters Thursday, “We want to do for vibranium what our racist president Trump did for the white man’s coal!”

guiteriezzMeanwhile, several anonymous sources are reporting that Illinois Congressman and Professional Anti-American La Raza Activist (PAALRA®) Luis Vicente Gutiérrez intends to petition the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to declare El Dorado a real place and the chupacabra the state bird of Illinois.

Developing . . . .