Quick Darling, Back In The Closet!

VEN (WASHINGTON) —   Elon Musk — AI visionary extraordinaire, Broadway producer, and expert writer of hugely impractical, outrageous,  money-losing green-energy federal grant proposals ( and who many  initially believed was Faith Popcorn in drag until a clandestine DNA test proved otherwise) announced Tuesday that he is expanding into the as yet untapped market of high-end deep-space travel cabana wear!kreskin

(Did The Amazing Kreskin predict Elon Musk?  The “psychic to the stars” tells VEN‘s own Glen Glenda  what the FBI and NAMBLA have been keeping under wraps for over thirty years!)

Partnering with eccentric Expressionist couturier Hugo Boss, Mr Musk debuted a fabulous white on white Astral lounging ensemble, with stunning black taffeta accents and 20987360_1365672690218055_6687057393160814592_nmatching opaque, diamond-polished quartz visored helmet, with mid-calf cafe noir “space exploration” jack boots and optional  Alcoa brushed-aluminum chiffon cover-up, from the  Peenemünde Gender-Fluid Van Allen/Enzian Fall Collection.

So look out old Mr Man In The Moon!  Elon’s got lots of rockets in his pockets, and he’s ready to put plenty of kazam in your old kazoo!