Do I Look Like I’m Joking?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Disgraced Keating Five neo-con, crackpot,  Man Happy Running With Wheelbarrow Full Of Green Moneyloyalty-challenged RINO octogenarian Senator John McCain (D-AZ), told the liberal press Tuesday that Deep State media-created events surrounding the Trump administration and its imaginary collusion with Russia are reaching “Watergate size and scale.”

“We need another war with Russia.  We need Mike Pence as president — that was the plan all along.   And we can’t do that unless we get rid of Trump.

“And, BTW,  I need to get morerhino-flying monkey gland injections from Mr Kip’s Dreamland Clinic in Jakarta so I can keep banging Lindsey’s pages!

“And none of that is going to happen as long as we have this cuckoo bird in the White House!

“Hey, you think my attempts to sell out the President are bad?  Hell, that’s nothing!  You should have heard the stuff I told the Viet Cong to get special treatment!

                         Last night was FANTASTIC!

“And here’s the beauty piece — to cover that up, all I had to do was agree to let Hillary and Obama arm ISIS,  and Congress voted to  seal all the Vietnam POW/MIA records!”

Asked if he was afraid that /pol/ would someday take him down and make him cry like a little  girl, the Senator shrugged and said he’s not afraid of a “bunch of geeks living in their parent’s basement. I can still handle a nerd.”

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