Barry, The Closet Heterosexual

VEN (LONDON) — In the latest Obama hagiography,  Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,  progressive author and Obama apologist David J. Garrow contends that before becoming President the effeminate Mr Obama — long-rumored to be a closeted gay man — barry-reggiewas in fact, a drug-fueled lady-killer who only “thought” about having a gay relationship once — something that must come as a shock to former Body Man (i)Reggie Love and actor Kal Penn, both of whom had a very close relationship with Mr Obama, and both of whom were given vague, make-work jobs at the White House that provided them with essentially unlimited access to Mr Obama at all times.obama-gay-hug

Indeed, many will find the picture in Rising Star of Mr Obama with his purported Australian girlfriend Genevieve Cook — like almost everything else in Mr Obama’s overly manufactured life — just not quite right, as if Mr Obama’s neckless, over-large head had been hastily Photoshopped onto someone else’s — presumably heterosexual — body:


But the real question is why?

Why would someone think it necessary to write a book that tries so hard to make a case for Mr Obama’s heterosexuality, when Mr Obama himself has made a career out of doing just the opposite, and who  — during his presidency — forcefully embraced the LGBTQ community, championed same-sex marriage, refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, and was a strong, unwavering advocate for gender neutrality in all things, even things as seemingly innocuous as bakeries and public restrooms.

So we are left to wonder — is something suddenly wrong with an effeminate Mr Obama also being . . . gay?


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