Beta Male Plays Toughguy On Twitter

VEN (CUCKSVILLE) —  Woke White-Privileged testosterone-challenged Drexel Associate Professor and self-proclaimed Communist who was savaged by blogger Ethan Ralph ( CUCKTASTIC: “White Genocide” Professor Took His Wife’s Name, & Drexel Helped Buy Him a House! )  after Tweeting out on  Christmas Eve, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide,”  just followed up with another catty Twitter screed, as reported by CBS News.


At Drexel — ranked 96th nationally — apparently they don’t play with live ammunition.

And it remains to be seen if Dr Ciccariello-Maher will  become the first associate professor of Self-Evident Studies at Drexel to win the If-Trotsky-Were-A-Smug-Little-Bitch Look-Alike Contest for the second year in a row.